We are all about people, their abilities and providing them with opportunities for growth.


To provide our clients with the most compelling human resource management experience possible.


We understand that the success of a business depends on four pillars: its people, their abilities, how they turn challenges into opportunities and the growth that stems from these elements.
We help to stimulate an organisation’s growth by first focusing on its most important asset: people.
Using innovation and our unique set of industry expertise, we connect each of these four pillars to ensure success for both you and your employees.

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We value people

We know it's the people who make our business. We treat our team and clients as we wish to be treated ourselves, and we respect individual differences.

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We make a difference

We are focused on high-quality results and work with our clients to ensure that what we do really makes a tangible difference.

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We share our knowledge

We believe in transferring our unique combination of skills in business management, process re-engineering and industrial psychology to empower our clients.

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We are professional

We are professional, yet relaxed. We articulate our ideas without the use of unnecessary jargon. We work incredibly hard, but don't take ourselves too seriously.

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We have integrity

We only do work that we think will really make a difference. We operate transparently, and we do what we say we will.

Our People

HRMConnect is unique in that we have combined the following in-depth skills and experience to assist business owners with transforming the management of its human resources:

  • business management
  • strategic leadership
  • business process re-engineering
  • industrial psychology
  • labour relations
  • general human resource management

Attie Butler


With more than 30 years in consulting and business management, Attie is expertly positioned to make a positive impact on the success of his clients’ businesses. Attie’s incredible drive for results and unique set of skills enable him to quickly understand his clients’ businesses and add immense value in business process re-engineering and business improvement. He is a strategic facilitator and led the implementation of innovative solutions that are regarded as the first in his specialized environment. Due to his expertise, he often acts as a part-time lecturer at business schools.

His expertise include the following:

  • Implementing new business processes;
  • Turnaround strategies at various municipalities;
  • Donor funding and procurement management;
  • Performance management and performance reporting;
  • Turnaround and business improvement strategy design and implementation in farming, manufacturing, retail and financial industries;
  • Strategy development and capacity building;
  • Organisational re-design and turnaround strategies;
  • Business process re-engineering;
  • Strategic human resource management;
  • Pioneering Performance management in various industries;
  • Process design and standard operating procedure;
  • Various consulting and advisory projects;
  • Pioneered Shared services and developing shared services models;
  • Employee and business productivity and efficiency improvement and
  • Recruitment and selection.

Danielle Kritzinger

Industrial Psychologist

Danielle is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She completed a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch. She has gained experience in the following:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management within the wholesale and retail industry;
  • Psychometric Assessment for selection and development purposes;
  • The facilitation of Leadership Development programmes;
  • Performance management;
  • Development of interns based on a structured internship programme; and
  • Create, coordinate and facilitate training programmes.

Anemie Franken

HR Specialist

Anemie is a human resources management expert with extensive experience in:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management within Manufacturing Industry and Caring Facilities.
  • Management of Human Resources Departments;
  • Experience in the Non-profit Sector, Building-, Hospitality- and Motor Industry.
  • Industrial relations, especially disciplinary processes;
  • Conflict resolution
  • Recruitment, selection and onboarding;
  • Policy development and implementation;
  • Development of job descriptions and standard operating procedures;
  • Performance Management
  • Employment Equity; and
  • Create, coordinate and facilitate training programmes.

Our Clients

"Ek as persoon en as BVSA Konsult is baie tevrede en positief oor jou bydrae tot ons firma. Ek hoor ook vanaf ons gesamentlike kliënt net goeie goed van HRM. Hou so aan!" - Henk Botes, Direkteur, BVSA Konsult



Our commitment to you: We will provide the tools you require to strengthen your business, by continually improving your team’s stability and effectiveness. We are committed to providing tailored systems and support, so you’re well-equipped to improve team productivity and outputs, enabling you to focus on ensuring the success and fun of running your business.

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HR for startups

Building a start-up business can be challenging.  It requires flexibility, perseverance and committed people.  Embarking on this journey on your own can be tough.  You may find that as the business starts to grow, you spend more and more of your time on operational matters, working in the business, as opposed to working on the business, growing it from a strategic perspective.  That is why you need our support.  We partner with you in a seamless manner, supporting you by setting up sound working and HR practices to free you up to work on the business and savour the success this brings.


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HR for established businesses

Whenever you have an HR challenge, we are there with hands-on, flexible and professional approach to dealing with your HR support needs, either via our ad-hoc or retained services.

With ever-changing labour and regulatory legislation, our expert consultants help you navigate and advise on what is expected of you and your employees.  We provide tailored policies, relevant to your industry, expert managerial guides and design templates that work in your business to meet your people's needs.


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HR outsourcing

Business owners do not always have the skills and/or capacity to manage the human resource function effectively. We have developed a tried-and-tested model that enables us to deliver your HR function, at a lower rate than the cost of an internal function.  The model integrates with your current business processes in a seamless manner, adding strategic value, without anyone noticing that it is delivered by our team of experienced consultants.



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